Montag, 14. Januar 2013

OSGi Snippets

Some time ago I was starting to learn OSGi. Every now and then I would have liked a simple test setup to play around with bundles, services a.s.o. So eventually I have decided to create one myself and publish it.

The visible center is a guitool which looks like this:

The guitool can start an OSGi framework and stop it. It observes a directory and list the bundle files on the right hand side. It observes the OSGi environment and lists the bundles on the left hand side. With a button click one can install the bundle files, start or stop the bundles a.s.o.

The sources include a set of ant files and template project files to make building bundles very simple. This simplicity comes at a price: A lot of sophisticated features are not supported. However, the main goal is to help beginners with OSGi and to keep the required tools to an absolute minimum. (A second goal is to have a simple test bed for my own little prototypes, which I may need for making decisions for larger projects.)

The project is hosted at sourceforge:

The sources are licensed under a BSD-2-Clause license.

Contributions, comments, critics are welcome :)

-- Rainer Schwarze

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